I am an independent scholar. I hold a Master of Arts in political philosophy from Claremont Graduate University, with undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics. My research interests intersect political philosophy, American political development, political economy, and the role of liberal arts education in perpetuating constitutional government.

My current research project focuses on the place of poor relief and public welfare in the political theory of the American Founding. My article “Natural Law and the Right to Pubic Assistance in the Political Theory of the American Founding” is published in the sixth volume of Lex Naturalis. I am also interested in the ideological roots of the modern welfare state in 19th century German political thought, especially the writings of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Lorenz von Stein, and Franz Xaver von Baader.

In my free time, you can find me watching good movies (John Truby and the American Film Association have great recommendations) or working on my fiction series Black Fire.